We provide our clients in the medical field with access to the best and most innovative new products. We do this in the simplest way possible way to save our clients time and money. We sincerely believe that thanks to our efforts to continually develop our company and raise our standards, we can make a real contribution to improvement in the way the medical sector functions in Poland.

The ultimate aim of all these efforts is the well-being of the patient.

for the welfare of our patients is our common aim

At MTM Hospitals, we know that health is a value which cannot be overestimated. MTM Hospitals is a modern company with modern management systems, specialising in the distribution and sale of medical equipment. Thanks to our extensive network of professional contacts and high standards developed over years, we are able to offer our clients continuous access to a wide range of medical equipment manufactured by leading worldwide brands.

Our experience and competences focused on a narrow specialisation have helped us build a reliable, highly effective sales network which supports our clients each and every day. Each one of our departments is responsible for a specialised group of products designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s market.  

We base our client relations on effective action and respect for the highest standards of business ethics. We provide comprehensive, reliable service of medical equipment intended for use in a variety of settings, from hospitals and cathlabs to laboratories and other health service centres. Our clients can count on our expert knowledge and support at every stage of our collaboration. Our number one priority is trust, a trust built on real gains for the health and safety of all patients.  



Why us?
We desire that our daily activities and the benefits for our customers resulting from them would be the clear answer to this question. By our efforts we would like to become for you a leading business partner - a source of the highest quality products, supported by the best service and reliable logistics.
Leading brands, trusted solutions

In today’s world, health service providers and personnel expect their equipment suppliers to deliver the highest quality. In the health sector, there is no such thing as compromise. We understand that, and we know how to meet these high expectations. The range of our business contacts and our established, solid market position mean that we can supply the best quality, certified medical products manufactured by the leading international brands. Each one of our product groups is managed by a specialised department focusing only on that product group.

with attention to every detail

MTM Hospitals possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, supported on a daily basis by modern logistics solutions. The carefully planned and coordinated operations of our departments mean that we can offer stable, high-quality services and punctual deliveries. And our growing sales volume means that we can negotiate advantageous shipping conditions that benefit our clients.

Our business contacts, developed over the course of the implementation of many, often highly prestigious, commercial contracts have built our reputation as a tried and trusted partner. We know exactly what the market demands, so we can create an offer that is perfectly suited to our clients’ needs. We are prepared to offer comprehensive collaboration both to individual health centres ad to hospital groups. 

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